Jewelry of precious metals, gemstones and bijouterie
Jewelry (made of precious metals) before 1958
Jewelry befor 1958 of gold, platinum and palladium Jewelry before 1958 of silver
Jewelry after 1958 of gold, platinum and palladium
Golden chains and necklaces Golden pendants, lavalieres and cross pendants Golden bracelets Golden earrings Golden rings Sets (parure) of gold Other wares of gold Jewelry made of platinum and palladium
Silverwarer of the Russian Empire and the Soviet period before 1958 Foreign silverware before 1958 Silverware after 1958
Jewelry after 1958 of silver
Silver chains and necklaces Silver bracelets Silver pendants and lavaliers Silver cross pendants Silver earrings with one stone Silver earrings with more then one stone Silver earrings without stones Silver rings with one stone Silver rings with more then one stone Silver rings without stones Sets (parure) of silver Brooches, cufflinks of silver Other wares of silver
Gemstones and wares thereof
Precious stones (diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby) Semiprecious stones Pearls, balamuty (nacre) and corals Decorative stones and wares thereof Natural minerals Synthetic gemstones
Produce made of amber
Necklaces of amber Bracelets of amber Cufflinks, earrings, rings and brooches of amber Pendants and lavaliers of amber Pаnels and icons of amber Other wares of amber
Imitation jewelry (bijouterie)
Beads and necklaces Bracelets Sets Brooches oval and round Brooches in the form of animals, birds, fish, insects Brooches in the form of flowers, fruits, plants, leaves Brooches in the form of bows, ribbons, knots Brooches in the form of a star, sun, crescent Other brooches Brooches (two and more in the lot) Pendants, lavaliers and crosses Earrings and clips Cufflinks Rings Other imitation jewelry (bijouterie)

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