Modern collectibles (XX-XXI centuries.)
Paintings, drawings
Still life pictures Portraits Nude Genre painting Natural parks and landscapes Sea and river landscapes Architectural, urban and rural landscapes Animalistics Other paintings and drawings Related materials (frames, easels, paints, pencils and other).
Ceramics, porcelain and glass
Sculpture and compositions of ceramic, porcelain and glass Animalistic sculpture (figurines of animals, birds and fish) made of ceramic, porcelain and glass Utensils and other household items made of ceramics, porcelain Vases, wall plates and other home furnishings of ceramics, porcelain Utensils and other household items made of crystal and glass Vases, bowls and other home furnishings of crystal glass and glass
Signumanistics - collectible badges and chevrons
Military and law enforcement agencies, security services Music including rock bands Car and motorcycle clubs Other souvenirs and branded stripes
Jewelry made of precious and non-precious metals and stones
Jewelry made of gold, platinum and palladium Silver earrings Silver rings with stones Silver rings without inserts Silver chains and necklaces Silver bracelets Silver sets and kits Silver pendants Silver crosses Other silverware Boxes and cases for jewelery and cutlery Precious stones (diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby) Semiprecious stones Pearls, corals and beads of multiple threads Semi-precious stones, jewellery and other products containing them
Bracelets and necklaces Kits and headsets Brooches Earrings cufflinks Jewellery and handmade accessories other jewelery
Produce made of amber
Necklaces and bracelets made of amber Cufflinks, pendants, earrings, rings and brooches from amber Paintings and icons from amber Other produce of amber
Hunting guns and accessories (cases, cartridge belts, fowling bags, cleaning rod, etc.). Trophies (stuffed animals, animal skin and fur, horns, tusks, etc.).
Fossils, geology
Natural minerals Fossils (fossils of biological objects) Сonсhiophiliya (clam shells) Entomology (butterflies, beetles, spiders) Meteorites
Watches made of gold, platinum, palladium and bracelets to them Watches of well-known world manufacturers Watches made in USSR until 1955 Gilded Watches and bracelets made in the USSR Other watches made in the USSR in 1955 - 1991 Watches made in the CIS countries Watches made in the USSR and the CIS countries,  two and more in the lot Watches made in Europe, Asia, America Watches - immitations of manufacturers famous brands Pocket watch Watch tools books, cases, boxes, passports. Clock movements, cases, dials and so on. spare parts to the wrist and pocket watches Clock movements, cases, dials and so on. spare parts for interior and special сlocks Watch accessories watches and pocket watches (bracelets, straps, chains, shuttle, cases) Interior clocks Special Clocks (Instrumental, ship, aircraft, tank, etc.)
Electronic equipment and components
Professional electronic equipment (stabilizers, generators, oscilloscopes, etc.) Household electronic equipment and computer equipment (radios, televisions, tape recorders, computers and peripherals, network and communication equipment) Circuit boards and electronic components Telephones (wired phones, mobile and handset)  and portable radio stations
Collectible games, toys, construction sets, puzzles
Porcelain dolls Dolls, babies dolls Dolls on samovars, kettles and theater Dolls with soft filled trunk Dolls made of papier-mache and paper pulps Dolls made of plastics Dolls for restoration, spareparts Doll clothing, footwear, utensils and furniture Chess, backgammon, dominoes, checkers Stuffed Toys Dolls and figurines of Disney and other famous Hollywood characters Toys for babies (rattles, dolls, etc.) Children's Musical Instruments Cars and Motorcycles Freight cars and special technique Cars from two pieces in the lot and more Railroad, locomotives, wagons and accessories Airplanes and helicopters Ships, boats and wessels Figures (soldiers, savages, etc.) Toy weapons and military equipment The constractors kit, puzzle, board and electronic games Lego collectible products Rubber toys Plastic toys Handmade Toys Other toys
Christmas tree decorations
Christmas tree decorations of cotton wool Christmas tree decorations - cardboard, papier-mâché and foil Christmas toys - balls Christmas toys - characters of fairy tales and cartoons Christmas tree decorations - animals, birds and fish Christmas tree decorations - figures children and adults Christmas tree decorations - snowmen, Santas and Snow Maiden Christmas tree decorations - vegetables and fruits Christmas tree decorations - mushrooms, pine cones and nuts Christmas tree decorations - bells and lanterns Christmas tree decorations - icicles Christmas tree decorations - utensil Christmas tree decorations other Christmas tree decorations from five pieces in the lot and more Christmas tree decorations - beads and bugle Tops on the Christmas tree Garlands Masks The figures under the Christmass tree (Santas, Snow Maiden and other.)
Scale models
Assembled models of airplanes, cars, tanks, ships and other Railways and accessories to them  Aircraft models (airplanes, helicopters, gliders) Sailboats, motorboats, yachts Armour and Artillery Cars of the Soviet period and Post Soviet period Foreign cars Cars from two pieces in the lot and more Motorcycles Commercial vehicles (fire, repair, handling, construction, other) Public transport (buses, trams, trolley buses) Buildings and landscape elements The figures and miniature (soldiers, civilians, detailing for figurines, etc.) Radio controlled models
Commemorative items
Sports awards and memorabilia (trophies, cups, medals, etc.) Movie and film industry, movie stars Music, pop and rock bands, famous artists Artifacts of car industry, aerospace, Aviation, the Army and Navy
Souvenirs representing towns, resorts, memorable places (including souvenir magnets) Souvenirs from meetings, conferences, concerts, anniversaries, other events Other souvenirs (including dolls, jewelry boxes, figurines, etc.) Souvenir products, using the design of ancient objects (plastic, coins, ceramics, etc.)
Collectible knives
Folding knives Hunter knives Other knives
Beer bottles, jars, lids, caps and labels Beer mugs, glasses "Bierdeckel" (coasters, beermats) Beer souvenirs
Collectible tobacco products (cigars, cigarettes)
Cigarettes and cigarette brands of post-Soviet and Soviet The cigarettes of foreign brands Cigarettes from two packs a lot and more Cigars Empty packs of cigars and cigarettes
smoking accessories
Tubes, mouthpieces, hookahs Cigarette cases and snuffboxes Ashtrays, guillotines for cigars and so on.

Ashtrays, guillotines for cigars and so on.3 081

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