Modern collectibles (XX-XXI centuries.)
Embroidered clothes, vyshivanki Embroidered pictures Embroidered tablecloths, napkins, etc.
Perfumes and cosmetics
Рerfumes made in Soviet Union and CIS countries Рerfumes of world manufacturers Bottles and boxes of perfumes Cosmetics Soap and soap supplies
Other works of arts and crafts
Paintings on wood (intarsia, marquetry, burning, etc.) Photo art Osibana, compositions of natural materials Stained glass, tiffany, fusing Decoupage Handmade accessories Collectible fans Other works
Signumanistics - collectible badges and chevrons
Military and law enforcement agencies, security services Music including rock bands Car and motorcycle clubs Other souvenirs and branded stripes
Electronic equipment and components
Professional electronic equipment (stabilizers, generators, oscilloscopes, etc.) Stationary household equipment (televisions, receivers, tape recorders, radios, amplifiers, etc.) Portable household equipment (transistor receivers, televisions, tape recorders, etc.) Electronic computers, peripherals, network and communication equipment Audio cassettes, videotapes, magnetic tapes and other information carriers Circuit boards and electronic components Electronic lamps, radiotubes Telephones (wired phones, mobile and handset)  and portable radio stations Reference books and operations manuals for the radio-electronic equipment
Commemorative items
Sports awards and memorabilia (trophies, cups, medals, etc.) Movie and film industry, movie stars Music, pop and rock bands, famous artists Artifacts of car industry, aerospace, Aviation, the Army and Navy
Souvenir products representing cities, resorts, memorable places Souvenir magnets Souvenirs from meetings, conferences, concerts, anniversaries, other events Other souvenirs (including dolls, jewelry boxes, figurines, etc.) Souvenir products, using the design of ancient objects (plastic, coins, ceramics, etc.)
Beer bottles, jars, lids, caps and labels Beer mugs and glasses made of glass Beer mugs and glasses made of porcelain, ceramics Beer mugs and glasses made of metal, wood "Bierdeckel" (coasters, beermats) Beer souvenirs
Collectible tobacco products (cigars, cigarettes)
Cigarettes and cigarette brands of post-Soviet and Soviet The cigarettes of foreign brands Cigarettes from two packs a lot and more Cigars Empty packs of cigars and cigarettes
Smoking accessories
Tubes, mouthpieces, hookahs Cigarette cases and snuffboxes Ashtrays, guillotines for cigars and so on.
Pens Pencils Knives for letters and paper Other stationery

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