Antiques (1700 - 1960-ies.), Vintage works
Carpets of fabrics (carpets, tapestries, home furnishings, wardrobe, etc.).
Carpets, tapestries Rushniki Tablecloths and napkins Other interior items from textiles Shirts, blouses Shawls Korsetki, waistcoats Skirts, aprons Belts Bags Other wardrobe items
Interior items (furniture, etc. the interior subjects)
Furniture, mirrors, fireplaces Chandeliers, floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps Photo frames, table decorations, other. home furnishings Furniture accessories and spare parts
Icons, kiots, casings
Icons in casing Icons without casings Icons made by printing ("Zhako", lithographs and other.) Kiots, kiot frames, casings and spareparts Reference books on icons and iconography
Religious items (iconic plastic, Judaica, and so on.)
Сrosses Folding icons, parts of folding icons Amulets, icons Other items of Christian metal-plastic Islamic religious objects Jewish ceremonial art Religious and cult items of Central and South - East Asia (Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.) Reference books on cult metal-plastics, сoin jewelry, ducats and ducaches Other religious and cult items
Tableware and serving items from nickel silver and other non-precious metals
Russian Empire, Soviet and post-Soviet period Foreign
Antiques are not related to the topics listed above (household products, kitchen utensils, other. antiques)
Typewriters and counting machines and spare parts Sewing machines and spare parts Trappings Kerosene stoves, blowtorches and parts Products from metals Construction, craft and agricultural tools (shovels, axes, saws, hammers, etc.) Collectible bricks, tiles, etc. Lighting equipment and spare parts (lights railroad, street, etc.) Medical and hairdressing tools Products made of wood and ceramics (dishes, household items and other.) Jars and boxes of chocolates, biscuits, tea, coffee and etc. Other household antiques, do not fit the topics above

The plates for turntables and electrophones rigid and flexible (from 8.5 to 45 rpm)101 322

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