Under the wall of the Vyborg Castle found monetary treasure

1 12510 October, 15:54 / Source: 47channel.ru
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At the end of August 2018, a treasure of coins from the time of Alexander I's rule was found on the territory of the Vyborg Castle. The find was made during archaeological research.

A total of 38 2-kopeck coins were found. They were under the base of the wall of the earthen ramp at the outer breastwork, behind which guns were once located.

There is no more specific information about the treasure - the safety of coins, the years of release, the estimated cost. The only thing that is known is that the coins will be studied and after that they will replenish the collection of the local museum.
Фото © 47channel.ru

Фото © 47channel.ru

Фото © 47channel.ru

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