October 11: ethnographic museum in the open air, a stainless steel plane and a woman astronaut in outer space

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October 11, 1891 in Stockholm, opened the world's first open-air ethnographic museum "Skansen".

1899 - the Boer War began - the Transvaal and the Orange Free State declared war on Britain in response to the buildup of the British presence in South Africa and the ultimatum to guarantee equal political rights to foreigners.
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1918 - the first radio-controlled flight took place (France). It lasted one hour, the plane covered a distance of 100 km.

1921 - The Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (UAOC) was established at the All-Ukrainian Orthodox Synod in Kiev.
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1931 - the first flight of the aircraft in stainless steel "Steel-2" A. I. Putilova, pilot E. I. Schwartz.

1958 - from the Baikonur cosmodrome an attempt was made to launch an automatic interplanetary station "E-1-2" towards the Moon.
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1962 - The second Vatican Council was opened, which abolished the obligation of the Latin language during Catholic services.

1971 - John Lennon's album Imagine was released in the UK.
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1984 - During the sixth flight of the American space shuttle Challenger, American Catherine Sullivan became the second woman in the world to complete a spacewalk.

1990 - Serbian businessman Zeljko Razhnatovich “Arkan” and 19 football fans from Belgrade create the Serbian Volunteer Guard. In less than a year, she will begin to fight in Croatia, and then in Bosnia.
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1991 - The recording company Apple, founded by Beatles, sued the computer company Apple Computer for using apples in its logo.

1999 - as stated by the British astronomer John Murray, based on his calculations, a huge planet moves around the Sun in its tenth orbit, larger than Jupiter.
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