June 12: intrigues of Nathan Rothschild, opening of the Panama Canal and the Veklich trolley bus

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June 12, 1815 due to the intrigues of banker Nathan Rothschild, the London newspaper Morning Chronicle reported the victory of Napoleon at Waterloo a few days before the battle (Rothschild, after playing panic, bought a lot of shares).

1849 - American inventor Lewis P. Haslett received a patent No. 6529 for a gas mask, invented by him two years earlier.
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1897 - Swiss Carl Elzener, a manufacturer of surgical equipment, received a patent for an army knife that combined a screwdriver, an awl, a can opener and a knife with two blades. Today, after many improvements, it is known as the Swiss Army Knife.

1909 - the first airplane with a pilot and two passengers, "Blerio XII", took off in the air. On it, Louis Bleriot flew with Alberto Santos-Dumont and Andre Fournier.
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1920 - the official opening of the Panama Canal.

1923 - Harry Houdini first publicly demonstrated the trick, releasing himself from the straitjacket, hanging above the ground at a height of 40 feet (about 12 meters).
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1931 - American gangster Al Capone was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for non-payment of taxes.

1938 - in the Third Reich began "a week of gypsy cleansing." In the cities of the Third Reich, men of Gypsy and Jewish nationality were arrested and sent to concentration camps for work.
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1966 - the successful operation of the first in the world practice of the trolleybus train of inventor Vladimir Veklich started in Kiev.

1975 - The State Historical and Architectural Reserve in Lviv was established.
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1980 - UEFA fined the English Football Association for £ 8,000 for the "hooligan and dangerous behavior of English fans" during the opening of the match between England and Belgium in Turin.

1990 - the USSR adopted the law "On Printed and Other Mass Media", which abolished censorship in the country.
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2015 - in Baku (Azerbaijan) the opening ceremony of the first European games was held.

2018 - Singapore hosted the first ever meeting between the current president of the United States and the leader of North Korea - Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un signed a document stating that Pyongyang will strive for "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula."
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