In bottles there are not only ships ...

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In addition to ships, skilful masters created in the bottles religious scenes, scenes from life, various mechanisms and much more. Perhaps this form of creativity appeared even earlier than the actual ships in bottles. However, the very term "ships in bottles" should include everything that a person manages to build in a bottle, through a narrow neck.

As a rule, models in bottles are divided into three main types:

Ships in bottles.
A bottle of the ship is placed in the bottle. The main attention, in such models, is given to the most accurate reconstruction of the details. The model inside the bottle can rest on a special stand or "swim" over the sea surface, skillfully made by the master.

Dioramas depict scenes from life (often marine). It can be a seaport with a big city on the shore and ships in the roadstead, a sea battle, a sinking ship and much more.

This group includes everything that gives rise to the violent fantasy of the master. These are scenes from the biblical life, various mills, mechanisms, figures of people, cars, planes - everything that the word "ship" can not be called.

Despite the rapid development of technology, the construction of ships in bottles remains, like many years ago, purely manual work. To achieve success you need a lot of patience and skill.
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