On the first X-ray was the hand of the scientist's wife

2268 November, 19:15 / Source: gazeta.ua
Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, a professor at the University of Würzburg, accidentally discovered X-rays on November 8, 1895.

Late in the evening, walking from the laboratory, the scientist turned off the light in the room and noticed in the dark a greenish glow, fluorescence emanating from the screen, covered with crystals of platinum-synergistic barium.

As it turned out, the crystals reacted to the impact on them of a nearby vacuum tube, which at that time was under high voltage.

When the current of the glow of the screen was turned off, it stopped again when it was turned on again.
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The tube was wrapped in black opaque paper, so X-ray suggested that when an electric current passes through it, it produces some invisible rays that can penetrate through opaque media and disrupt the barium crystals. These unknown rays are called X-rays by X-rays.

After 50 days, the scientist submitted a 17-page manuscript to the chairman of the Würzburg Physical-Medical Society, which contained a description of the rays discovered by him.

Together with the manuscript, the scientist also presented the first radiograph, made earlier, on December 22, on which was the hand of his wife Bertha Roentgen.
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