Heinrich Schliemann and one of his main archaeological finds

6006 December, 13:20 / Source: gazeta.ua
On November 30, 1876, the German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann found the “Mask of Agamemnon” on the territory of Miken, named after the king of this ancient city.

Excavations conducted in Mycenae, 90 km south-west of Athens, inside a stone mound. Professional historians considered him a giant bread oven. And Schliemann believed that King Agamemnon was buried there. Archaeologist knife rummaged 176 square meters. m floor of the "furnace" and on the 25th day of the search came across the remains of 15 people and gold things around them.
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Only the list of ornaments from the treasure discovered by Schliemann is 206 pages. The most valuable find was considered a golden burial mask depicting a bearded man with twisted whiskers. Heinrich Schliemann immediately called it "the mask of Agamemnon." “How could she belong to a mere mortal?” He argued in the report.

Scientists did not accept the findings of an eccentric researcher. Suspected a fake. Later it turned out that he was really wrong. The man depicted on the mask ruled Mycenae in the XVI century. BC e. - 400 years before the events described in the Iliad. Neither the name nor the details of his life to find out so far failed.
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