How to make money on vintage watches?

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Questions of earning on items of the past are quite delicate. As for vintage watches, there are some subtleties.

You need to start with basic knowledge, without which you simply can not do. At first, all collectors make mistakes, and that's fine. It does not matter what your first hours will be, the main rule here is to buy what you like. Gradually, model by model, the sample will be narrowed.

You can dwell on special collections dedicated to racing, for example, Monaco or Silverstone. Among them there are also many vintage watches that once belonged to famous racers. Or maybe you are more interested in the history of a particular brand - then you can start collecting a collection of a certain year of release. Now the models of the 1980s and 1940s, in the design of which there is an imprint of wartime, are very popular.

To assemble your watch collection it is not at all necessary to spend all your savings, the main thing is to know when to stop and do not lose common sense. Of course, you can invest in very expensive vintage items: say, a Monaco Steve McQueen watch, which he wore in the film Le Mans, or some gold watch that belonged to a famous racer. Of course, this is the highest class and is worth the money. But the main market is not built on this.

Collecting just for money is wrong. After all, the essence of collectibles is to purchase watches that you like first. You will collect an invaluable collection if you put meaning and personal relation into things.
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