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On January 11, 1787, six years after the discovery of the planet Uranus, the Englishman William Herschel discovered his companion, Titan, with a radius of 1610 kilometers, orbiting Uranus at a distance of 463300 kilometers.

1803 - Monroe and Livingstone embarked on a voyage from the USA to Paris to buy New Orleans, as a result of which the USA acquired the entire state of Louisiana.
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1896 - english doctor John Edwards from Birmingham was the first in the world to use X-rays for medical purposes - with an X-ray, he looked for a needle stuck under the patient's skin.

1909 - the participants of the first women's auto racing go from New York to Philadelphia.
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1922 - a 14-year-old Canadian Leonard Thompson became the first person in the world who was saved from dying from diabetes with insulin.

1935 - american Amelia Earhart began her flight across the Pacific Ocean. She was the first in the world to overcome the distance from the Hawaiian Islands to Oakland, California.
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1942 - an attack under the code name "Tube strike" in the northern parts of the Atlantic Ocean began a new offensive of German submarines, marking the continuation of a successful submarine war for the German command.

1960 - in the USSR, in the Star City, the Cosmonaut Training Center was created.
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1973 - the Watergate thieves case began in Washington - a political scandal in the United States from 1972-1974 that ended with the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

1981 - a team of three British, led by Sir Ranulf Fiennes, completed the longest and shortest expedition to the Antarctic intersection, reaching Scott-Bays after 75 days of travel, during which 2500 miles were traveled.
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