Amelia Mary Earhart - the first over the ocean

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On January 11, 1935, American Amelia Mary Earhart began a flight across the Pacific Ocean. She is the first in the world alone to cover the distance from the Hawaiian Islands to Oakland, California.

Trying to make such a single flight, so many pilots died that such attempts were eventually banned by a special decision of the US government. But Earhart has obtained a special permit for herself.

The flight duration was 18 hours and 16 minutes. At the airport in California, a crowd of 18,000 people greeted her with a victory. US President Franklin Roosevelt sent a telegram of congratulations to the pilot.
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Already during the lifetime of Amelia Earhart became a legend. The female pilot was more popular and more influential than any Hollywood movie star. She proved that women can compete on equal terms with men, even in such dangerous and advanced areas as aviation.

Amelia went missing on July 2, 1937, trying to fly the longest route around the world, keeping as close as possible to the equator. A few days after Amelia Earhart disappeared, the New York Times wrote about her: “Such as Amelia makes useless, bold, noble, stupid acts, but with these acts they prove to themselves and us that the dust from which man , is fraught with fire. ”

The search for the famous pilots continued from 1937 to 1939. It was the largest and most expensive operation in the history of the American fleet. Ships and aircraft for 2 weeks inspected the water surface, checked a lot of small uninhabited islands and reefs, but all efforts were in vain.

After 14 days, the fleet management stated that there was no more hope.
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