Once it was a cave, and now it is a modern house

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Architects Andres Moreno and Manuel Murillo decided to make a modern dwelling from one cave. And that's what happened.

The Cuevas del Pino district in the Spanish town of Cordoba, in the foothills of the Sierra Morena, is famous for its geological formations of limestone with stony grains of calcite. At all times it was an excellent material for construction.

In slightly sloping layers of limestone rocks, natural caves were formed, which were traditionally used by the population as shelters for livestock. But there have been cases of placement in the rock formations of shepherd dwellings.

Architects Andres Moreno and Manuel Murillo decided to go the traditional way, reviving the ancient cave settlements, but changing the essence of the dwelling. As a result of the use of one of the cavities in the rock in the past, there was a small shelter for the cattle farmer, which was restored as rural housing.

Their home in the rock was supposed to be modern and meet all the requirements of a comfortable life. It is a luxury housing that combines modern design with the latest materials and rock tectonics with their natural purity.
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