Polish archaeologists have found the Mayan civilization bath

66412 January, 1:10 / Source: hromadske.ua
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Polish archaeologists have found the Mayan civilization bathhouse in the ancient city of Nakum in Guatemala. According to them, she is about 2500 years old.

Archaeologists have found the ruins of the complex in Nakum 5 years ago. Then the researchers believed that they were dealing with ancient graves. However, only now came to the conclusion that this is a Maya bath.

Bath consists of several parts. In particular, a tunnel with an inclination was found in it, from which, probably, water flowed. On both sides of the tunnel there is a staircase to enter the bath, and the bath itself is a rectangular room with rocks on the sides. Opposite the entrance, archaeologists found a niche in the wall, where they probably made fires.

“Maya considered caves and places for ablutions as sacral: not only gods were born in them, but also the first people. They were also considered the entrance to the underworld, inhabited by gods and ancestors. Maya connected caves and baths with crops and life-giving water,” explained Jaroslav Zralko, doctor of the Institute of Archeology of Poland.
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