May 15: laws of planetary motion, Las Vegas and Boeing Foundation

May 15: laws of planetary motion, Las Vegas and Boeing Foundation " 367-80»

15 may 2018, 23:48
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On may 15, 1618 German astronomer Johann Kepler formulated three laws of planetary motion.
1673 — Cornelius and rose are Barley get the award for bred by them the black Tulip.
1848 - from that day, according to the law of the Austrian Emperor Ferdinand I of 17 April 1848, peasant duties in Galicia (peasant reform of 1848) were abolished.
1860-Battle of Calatafimi between the Neapolitans under General Lundy and the army of Giuseppe Garibaldi.
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1905-the city of Las Vegas was founded in Nevada, USA.
1910 — the English freight steamer "Skerryworth" near Hastings facing patamuchto the German barque "J. C. Vinnen" and sinking. Only 1 person is saved from his crew.
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1928 - the cartoon "Plane Crazy" first appeared cartoon character Mickey mouse, but at first he had no voice and a little like the future.
1940-nylon stockings were on sale.
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1942 - the first flight of passenger aircraft "367-80" company "Boeing".
1955-French Jean Kuzi and Lionel Terray made the first ascent to makala.
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1976 — plane crash of An-24 near Chernigov, in which 52 people were killed — all the passengers and crew members.
1998-the meeting of the heads of government of the eight leading powers of the world opened in Birmingham.
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