February 10 - this day in history

February 10 - this day in history

10 February 2019, 14:42
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February 10, 1810 the grand opening of the Odessa Opera was held. The first performance was Frölich’s one-act opera “New Family” and the vaudeville “The Comforted Widow” by the Porfiry Fortunatov troupe.

1879 - chaired by Exarch Anfim I, the Constituent Assembly of Bulgaria opened in the city of Veliko Tarnovo.
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1906 - the English battleship Dreadnought (Fearless) was launched. The best ship of its time.
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1920 - General Józef Haller organized the first "Poland's engagement with the sea" in Puck (the Polish military flag was solemnly immersed in the Baltic Sea).

1942 - the very first in the history of the “Golden Disc” (covered with a layer of gold) by the RCA Victor record company was handed to Glenn Miller (with the record “Chattanooga Chu-Chu”).
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1957 - The 1957 African Nations Cup began in Sudan. The 1st national football championship among teams held by the African Football Confederation.

1992 - The Basic Instinct of Paul Verhoeven appeared on the screens of the USA, starring Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas.
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