A chess player against the computer: the defeat of Garry Kasparov

16811 February, 11:15 / Source: gazeta.ua
World champion Garry Kasparov, who is considered the strongest player in chess history, lost to the computer Deep Blue on February 10, 1996. This was a real shock for the whole world of chess.

IBM's Deep Blue computer, beat Kasparov, but was no ordinary supercomputer. It was designed specifically to solve chess problems. He had 480 specialized chess processors and 30 multi-tasking ones.

Each chess processor worked at a meager by today's standards frequency - 24 MHz. But at the same time he processed per second from 2 to 2500000 chess positions, and in general the computer could calculate up to 200 million positions per second.
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After the lost match, Kasparov said that he noticed great intelligence and creativity in the moves of the car, which he could not understand. He also suggested that it was possible that people helped the car during the match.

The rules allowed developers to change the program between games. Deep Blue was changed between the games to better understand Kasparov’s playing style, helping to avoid the endgame trap that artificial intelligence had twice.

Kasparov demanded a rematch, but IBM rejected his requests and wrote off Deep Blue. After the victory of Deep Blue over Kasparov, the market price of the company's shares increased by $ 18 million.
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