How to prevent "diseases" of postage stamps?

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Oddly enough, small pieces of paper with a pattern printed on them can also hurt. They can be treated, but it is much easier to prevent the occurrence of the disease.

The main enemy of brands and paper in general is a fungus. Mold may occur if the moisture regime that is optimal for the paper is disturbed. Many researchers believe that the spores of the fungus or bacteria fall on the surface of the paper and into the glue at the production stage. Therefore, further it is necessary not only to protect their surface from new portions of bacteria, but also to create conditions under which they simply cannot develop.

Humidity in the cabinet, where brands are stored, should be 50-65%. At higher rates, mold may begin to develop on the surface, and at lower levels, paper becomes brittle and brittle, as does glue. By the way, you need to be careful when viewing - for example, when coughing or sneezing, microscopic droplets of moisture can get onto the surface of the brand and create a favorable environment for the development of pathogenic microflora.
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There are requirements for temperature. It should be in the range of 15-21 degrees. Best of all, if its fluctuations are minimal. Of course, it is not always possible to create such conditions in a city apartment. When installing a heating system, it will not be superfluous to pay special attention to heaters.

With airing you need to be very careful. It is good if the room has a climate system installed that independently maintains the microclimate parameters at a given level. If it is not there, then in wet weather, when airing, the humidity in the room will increase dramatically, and in hot and dry weather, on the contrary, decrease as compared to the optimum.

If it is not possible to create optimal conditions in the whole room, it is quite possible to confine oneself to a single cabinet. For reliability, its doors are sealed with foam strips. If they are glass, it is better to tighten glass with a dark cloth - direct sunlight is also harmful to paper. To prevent the occurrence of insects, many of which may well harm the paper, the cabinet must be treated with insecticides once a year, completely removing all books or booklets from it.
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