February 11 - this day in history

February 11 - this day in history

11 February 2019, 12:38
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February 11, 1809 Robert Fulton patented the ship. He built a ship with a Clermont paddle wheel, which flew the Hudson River from New York to Albany at a speed of about 5 knots (9 km/h). This project was successful; at the beginning it attracted a lot of attention from the press, which is why it is often credited with creating the first ship.

1865 - Charles Lutwidge Dodgson invented his pseudonym "Lewis Carroll".
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1894 - the general meeting in Lviv founded the first Ukrainian youth sports society "Sokol".

1916 - Red Emma was arrested for distributing birth control literature in New York.
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1928 - The II Winter Olympic Games opened in St. Moritz. Edmund Schultes opened the game.

1937 - The Order of Culture was established - the Japanese Order awarded for achievements in the field of culture.
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1942 - Operation Cerberus began to redeploy three large surface ships of the Kriegsmarine (Scharnhorst (flag of Vice-Admiral Tsiliaks, Captain 1st Rank Hoffmann), Gneisenau (Captain Otto Fine), Prinz Eugen) from Brest to Germany.

1953 - US President Dwight Eisenhower, despite a powerful international campaign in which physicist Albert Einstein took part, writer Thomas Mann and Pope Pius XII, rejected the last petition for clemency of spouses Rosenberg.
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1970 - Osumi, the first Japanese artificial satellite of the Earth, was put into orbit.

1989 - The founding conference of the Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian Language Society (now the Taras Shevchenko Prosvit All-Ukrainian Society) was held.
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