For 20 years, this Chinese vase lay in the attic until it was shown to the experts

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At one of the British auctions they sold an old vase that had been idle for 20 years. A white and blue porcelain Chinese vase lay in the attic of a woman whose deceased aunt brought it from Shanghai in the early 1920s.

Niece for many years did not even know what kind of treasure she has. Until one of the beautiful days, she decided to send an attic to experts for the sake of laughter.

As it turned out, for 20 years in the British attic lay a porcelain vessel made for the Chinese emperor Qianlong in the interval between 1780 and 1790.

The starting price of the vase was 26 000-50 000 dollars. But the auction aroused great interest among collectors from China. As a result, taking into account the commission lot was sold for 765 thousand dollars.

The happy owner of a vase, having received money for it, went straight from the auction to a restaurant.
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