February 13 - this day in history

February 13 - this day in history

13 February 2019, 10:48
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February 13, 1867 in the Viennese music hall "Diana" was first performed by Johann Strauss's waltz "On the beautiful blue Danube". It is in some way the unofficial anthem of Austria and is traditionally performed for an encore in the New Year's Vienna concert.

1895 - French inventors, the Lumiere brothers, received a patent number 245032 for "the apparatus used to receive and view images."
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1916 - the largest politicians of the future Czechoslovakia - the Czechs Tomas Masaryk and Edward Benes and Slovak Milan Stefanik created the Czechoslovak National Council in Paris.

1934 - Soviet ship "Chelyuskin" crushed by ice and sank in the Arctic Ocean.
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1959 - the first Barbie dolls are on sale.

1972 - The XI Olympic Winter Games in Sapporo, Japan ended.
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1981 - The longest sentence of 1286 words was published in the New York Times.

2007 - The Canadian company D-Wave announced the creation of a 16-qubit quantum computer sample (the device was named Orion).
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