February 14 - this day in history

February 14 - this day in history

14 February 2019, 8:20
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On February 14, 1834, a general weavers strike began in Lyon, during which the Red Flag was raised for the first time as a symbol of the workers' revolutionary struggle.

1876 ​​- Alexander Graham Bell received US patent number 174465, describing "the method and apparatus ... for transmitting speech and other sounds over the telegraph ... using electric waves." In fact, it was about the phone.
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1907 - The Lviv Art Gallery was founded.

1929 - Valentine's Day Massacre. The massacre of Italian mafia from the Al Capone grouping with members of the rival Irish group Bugs Moran, which resulted in seven people were shot.
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1939 - the German battleship Bismarck was launched in Hamburg at the Blom & Foss shipyard.

1946 - The first really working electronic computer ENIAC is launched at the US Army Ballistic Laboratory.

1961 - the 103rd element is opened, Lawrence.
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1975 - The Order of Australia was established by Queen Elizabeth II "with the goal of appropriate recognition of Australian citizens and others in their achievements and meritorious service."

1990 - Voyager I, who left the Solar System for the first time, takes pictures of her "from the side".
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