February 16 - this day in history

4716 February, 13:25 / Source: ru.wikipedia.org
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On February 16, 1704, the Warsaw Confederation deposed Augustus the Strong and proclaimed the Great Kingdom, which was the cause of the Polish Civil War.

1854 - the fortress of Verny was founded (since 1921 - Alma-Ata, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1929-1997).
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1919 - The VGA operation began - the offensive military operation of the Ukrainian Galician Army in February 1919 during the Polish-Ukrainian war (1918-1919).

1925 - Library of the Institute of Belarusian Culture (Inbelkult) opened in Minsk.
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1948 - Miranda, the satellite of Uranus, was discovered by American astronomer Gerard Kuiper.

1957 - The Medal “For the Salvation of the Drowning People” was instituted in the USSR.
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1968 - The first rescue service in the United States, 911, began operating in Heylivill, Alabama.

1978 - The first computerized bulletin board was created - BBS.
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1991 - I Galician Assembly (a joint session of Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and Ternopil regional councils) took place in the Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater.

2005 - The Kyoto Protocol came into force - an international agreement that commits developed countries and countries with economies in transition to reduce or stabilize greenhouse gas emissions.
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