February 17 - this day in history

February 17 - this day in history

17 February 2019, 14:46
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On February 17, 1454, the duke of Burgundy, Philip III the Good, swore the pheasant's oath, pledging to join the Pope’s gathering campaign. The oath said that if the king of France decides to take a cross or send an army led by the prince of the kingdom, or if another Christian prince sets off with a sufficient army, and if the countries ruled by the duke are not threatened, he will join the march .

1720 - The Hague Treaty was signed between Spain and the countries of the Fourth Union, which ended the war of the quadruple alliance.
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1852 - in St. Petersburg, on the Palace Embankment, the Hermitage Museum was first opened to the public.
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1904 - Premiere of the opera Madame Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini at the La Scala Theater in Milan. The premiere failed. Success came in the next production on the stage of the Grande Theater in Brescia, when the main role was played by S. Krushelnytska.

1936 - The first USSR hockey championship started. The first champion of the USSR was the Dynamo team (Moscow); the winner of the championship was awarded a special prize named after the X Congress of the Komsomol, the players were awarded cameras FED.
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1955 - Odessa Film Factory is transformed into the Odessa Film Studio of feature films.

1972 - The Research Computing Center of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR was formed.
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1982 - Tatiana Lioznova’s film "Carnival" with Irina Muravyova in the lead role.

2000 - Goodwill Games opened in Lake Placid (USA) - a series of international competitions, similar in scale to the Olympic Games and conceived as their alternative during the days of the Games boycott.
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