City of ambition and contrasts in color: New York 1900s

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This selection of photos was taken using photochrome technology. In fact, this is not a color snapshot, but a special technology in which several lithographic printed forms are made from a black and white negative. The result is a color image. Although it looks outwardly not very natural and a bit like a watercolor painting.

In these pictures you can see the Battery Park. The round building on it is Fort Clinton, which has been a fortress, an immigration station, a city aquarium, and a theater.

There is also the Washington Building, which was reconstructed in 1921: the facade was completely replaced. It was renamed the United States Lines-Panama Pacific Lines Building. Now the building is called Broadway 1.

You can even see the oldest surviving church building in Manhattan - St. Paul’s Chapel. It was built in 1764. Now belongs to the Episcopal Church.

Look at the photos of the streets and buildings of New York in the 1900s in the past.
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