Traces of the ship with treasure found off the coast of the UK

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In the vicinity of the county of Cornwall in the UK, an anchor of the seventeenth century was raised. According to scientists, it belongs to the merchant ship Merchant Royal, which sank in 1641 during a heavy storm.

At the time of the crash, the ship was transporting 450 kilograms of gold, 400 Mexican silver bars and about 500,000 Spanish pesos from Mexico. To date, the cost of the goods is estimated at $ 1.5 billion. As of 1641, the amount carried is one third of the UK tax charge.

The anchor was raised by local anglers 20 miles from the coast. Prior to this, many rescue expeditions tried to find at least something, but all was unsuccessful.

Mark Milburn, a marine archaeologist in Cornwall, reports that the anchor found corresponds to an anchor from Merchant Royal.

Now the maritime archaeological team of the county is trying to find a place to store and further research the details of the old ship. This will protect the anchor from adverse effects.

In the near future, marine archaeologists will dive at the site of the anchor, to study in detail the bottom.
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