What influences the cost of an old book?

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The cost of an old book is a rather delicate question. Nobody will tell you the exact number. All about. But there are generally accepted factors that affect the final price of the old edition.

1. Year of publication.
As a rule, the earlier the book was published, the more expensive it is.

2. Place of publication.
More expensive and faster you can sell the book in the country where it was published.

3. The content of the book.
As a rule, fiction is valued above scientific and technical, although there are exceptions.

4. Publication during the life of the author.
If the work was published during the lifetime of its author, then it is valued more.

5. Binding quality.
It takes into account both the binding material itself and its level of preservation. The most expensive - leather or saffian gold-embossed bindings.

6. Preservation of the book block.
The cost of the publication affects the missing pages, marking the author in the margin, non-existent damage to the text.

7. The circulation of the book.
The smaller the circulation, the book is more expensive. Publications from seized or destroyed circulations, unique editions are valued above all.

8. A set of books.
Sets of books that lack at least one book will cost much less than a complete set. At the same time sell an incomplete kit is much more difficult.

9. The presence of autographs, inscriptions, illustrations.
This significantly increases the value of the publication at times.

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