Sculptures in the style of Steampank from the Krasnoyarsk master

2225 April, 15:27 / Source:
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Igor Verny, a resident of Krasnoyarsk, has been working with scrap metal for more than 5 years. He manages to create extraordinary sculptures, which are also mobile. The sculptor breathes new life into it, creating realistic birds and animals.

He works primarily in the style of Steampank. This direction in design, which is the use of unnecessary and old metal parts to create a new thing.

So that the moving elements of the sculptures are as close to reality as possible, Igor Verny for hours and sometimes days to observe animals and birds - the prototypes of his future works. But it all begins, as a rule, with a sketch.

The next step is to search for suitable parts. The sculptor uses all sorts of scrap metal: the old parts of cars, bicycles, clockworks, dishes and much more.

The collected figures are artificially aged and erased, which gives them a special charm.
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