Watch from the old vinyl record in the style of Salvador Dali: a guide to action

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Of course, the time of use of vinyl records is not infinite. The moment comes when you have to say goodbye to them. They can simply be thrown away or reused. For example, to make a clock in the style of Salvador Dali.

An ordinary disc of a long-forgotten idol is taken. Placed on a baking tray and in the oven. The temperature here does not matter. Approximately about 150-180 degrees. Here the main thing to keep track of time. When the vinyl becomes soft, it's time to create.

This material is very malleable. As a rule, when cooling it is not hot wax. But precaution never hurts. It is necessary to use gloves.

First, the upper third of the plate is laid on the edge of the table or shelf and bent. Then the edges stretch and waves are created. Care must be taken to avoid distortions in the central part of the plate. Otherwise, the hands of the future watch will touch the dial. Next, the workpiece should cool down.

The clock mechanism can be used from the old clock, and you can buy a new one. A box with sixes is glued to the back wall of the future watch from a plate. Arrows sit down in front. The final touch is to set the exact time and hang the clock.

As an option, paint the clock, make decoupage on it or create a themed decor.
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