Charming paintings on old palettes

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Artists use palettes to mix paints before putting them on canvas. But there are also such creative personalities who use palettes not at all for their intended purpose. They paint on them. American artist with Belarusian roots Dina Brodsky initiated such an unusual art movement.

Thanks to her, everyone can enjoy paintings made on palettes. As well as stunning miniatures, sketchbooks and paintings of the artist from Belarus.

This woman during the implementation of one of her projects was able to attract artists from around the world. Thus making it international. Each of the masters wrote his picture, using a palette instead of a canvas for it. A series of works received the name "Point of Origin".

“The palette is the starting point from which ideas come to life, and the paint turns into a reflection of human experience ... It all starts when the brush meets the palette,” she described the purpose and significance of the Dean palette.

This idea visited the artist several years ago, when she decided to expand the range of her work. She wrote miniatures, then began to experiment with painting on palettes, was fascinated by the sketchbook.
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