Mummy from Egypt with a cardboard mask painted with gold and blue colors

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During the excavations at Deir El-Banat in northern Egypt in 2017, a wooden sarcophagus with mummy was discovered. On the face of the mummy was wearing a cardboard mask, painted with gold and blue colors. Scientists dated the discovery of the Greco-Roman period (332 BC - 395 AD).

Oasis El-Fayoum, or Fayumsky - one of the most interesting places in Egypt from a scientific point of view. Paleontologists find here many remains of Eocene and Oligocene animals: from elephants and whales to primates, bats and rodents, while archaeologists have discovered many mummies and well-preserved artifacts.

Excavations at this site began in 1998. The archaeological complex of Deir El-Banat in the Fayum oasis consists of the ruins of the Coptic monastery and the necropolis of the Greco-Roman and early Coptic periods. Most of the necropolis was plundered in antiquity, but still archaeologists managed to find several intact burials. Among them, the family burial of the Greco-Roman period and the mummy with a face covered with gilded mask.

A new discovery of scientists was an untouched wooden sarcophagus with a mummy inside. According to the researchers, the sarcophagus was in very poor condition, its cover was broken. At the same time, the mummy itself was well preserved. She was wrapped in burial shrouds, and her face was covered with a gilded cardboard mask. The mummy's wig was painted blue, and on the chest were plates with the image of a necklace, scenes with the participation of the goddess Isis and her son, the god Gore.
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