How many coils should a search engine have?

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Perhaps you only need one searchcoil. As for the supplement, there is no definite answer. Rather, it all depends on how much time you devote to your hobby.

Situation number 1. If you go out several times a year to nature with friends. Just take a breath of fresh air, fry kebabs, and instrument search is just one of the few ways to have a good time, then the search coil that comes with the metal detector is enough for you. As a rule, it is universal and suitable for any search conditions.

Situation number 2. If you consider instrument search as the main passion of your life, there should be 2-3 search coils in your arsenal. And each of them should be designed to perform certain tasks. After all, very often it is the correctly selected coil for specific search conditions that greatly increases its efficiency.

Sniper riders or small-diameter coils (up to 9 inches) are effective for searching in places with a high content of metal waste, in attics and basements.

Standard coils (9-11 inches) are versatile and suitable for most search conditions. The only amount of scrap metal should be moderate.

Large coils (15 inches or more) increase the depth of target detection, and are also needed for a quick survey of a large area, a thorough sweep of the promising open area.

Even from a financial point of view, it is more profitable to buy an additional search coil than a second or third metal detector.

Situation number 3. If you are just a beginner search engine, then properly examine the existing device. Here will be enough and standard coil. And only after that consciously approach the choice of supplements.

Have a good search with any coils and their number.
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