Animals and birds from metal in the works of the Iranian sculptor

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The author of these works is the Iranian sculptor Hasan Novrozi. He managed to create a whole collection of animals and birds from scrap metal in the style of steampunk.

And, despite the fact that the work of Hassan made from thousands of metal tools, automotive parts and other components of scrap metal, they are full of life.

He studied fine art in Iran, and over time, his artist skill transformed into the world of tangible and became a sculptor.

Fame to this Iranian sculptor came after the creation of the epic statue of Pegasus - the winged horse. But he still had to secure success. It may be hard, but Hassan coped with it. He created more than one hundred creatures in different styles.

The sculptor uses not only scrap metal. He started with clay and continues to create animals and birds with it. But more recently, Hassan Novrozi is exposed to metal. More precisely what can be found.
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