The British found a precious decoration that could belong to Edward IV

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On the territory of the English county of Lincolnshire a hat brooch was discovered, allegedly belonging to King Edward IV.

The author of the find is Lisa Grace, a 42-year-old resident of Great Britain, who is interested in instrument search. Walking with a metal detector in a newly plowed field, she came across a precious decoration of the XV century.

Since the brooch was not lying so deep underground, it was relatively easy to find it. Clearing the find from dirt, Lisa saw that the jewel is still in good condition. She later said that she was stunned when she found the jewel a few inches underground in Lincolnshire.

After finding the brooches, the woman contacted the experts, who confirmed that this is really a golden jewel and it could well belong to the monarch. The confirmation is the shape of the sun (the personal emblem of Edward IV) and the location in the center of the amethyst ornament (the monarch's favorite gemstone).

Experts have suggested that the king could have lost this brooch during one of the battles of the war of the Scarlet and White Rose.

The brooch is planned to be sold at a British auction on April 26, 2019.
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