Showed the ancestor of the iPhone in working condition

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Long before the iPhone, Apple had coined the concept phone WALT, or Wizzy Active Lifestyle Telephone. It was a promising device, first demonstrated in 1993 in Boston. But soon after his presentation the project was closed.

One of the developers of WALT, Sonny Dixon, managed to keep a sample of the company's first smartphone in working condition. For its time, it was quite advanced and in many ways ahead of the existing mobile phone models.

WALT served not only the phone, but also a fax. He gave his owner the opportunity to access online banking. It was equipped with a touch screen, had a stylus and understood handwriting. WALT contained the built-in address book, displayed the names of the callers and allowed you to customize the tunes for individual users.

The device was developed jointly by Apple and BellSouth. It was a kind of symbiosis between a tablet and a landline phone. Many of the details in its design are borrowed from the PowerBook 100, worked on the Mac OS 6.0.8 operating system installed on the built-in hard disk, and the HyperCard software was used.

In the end, WALT never went on sale. But even after nearly a quarter of a century of oblivion, this device is still in active working condition.
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