What subjects from the Soviet past can be rich in?

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Will there be repairs in an apartment that has not been "touched" for several decades? Do not rush to throw everything away, take a look, you may find something interesting from the Soviet past. On the shelves or mezzanines can collect dust items that today can be very profitable to sell.

1. Ready or a set of tools for drawing.
Such a set includes compasses, reyfeder, calipers and other tools. Since they were made of stainless steel, they probably could remain in excellent condition. But, again, the price of such a set will depend not only on the performance of its individual elements, but also on the staffing itself.

2. Black and white TVs.
Getting the old TV from the mezzanine, do not rush to carry it in the trash. Very valuable for collectors are the first models of Soviet televisions that were mass-produced, for example, "KVN-49". What is remarkable, lovers of such rarities are interested even in non-working televisions.

3. Porcelain.
High-quality china was always highly valued by collectors. And if these are products of the Imperial Porcelain Factory, then it is generally a rarity, which, of course, will affect their price. If you become the owner of a figurine or a tea set made of porcelain, take a closer look at them.

4. Figurines.
Our grandparents were not indifferent to the various statues. Of course, many of them cost a penny. But if before you are cast-iron copies of Kasli casting, then their price can be very attractive.

5. Pedal cars.
Previously, pedal cars were not all children, because they cost about 50 rubles. The small owners of such a "Volga" or "Moskvich" immediately became the envy of the entire court. Nowadays, both used pedal cars, which are often restored, and practically new, are in demand.

6. Vinyl players.
It's no secret that vinyl records sound special. And let modern digital devices for sound reproduction be in almost every home, the number of vinyl lovers does not decrease. The price here will depend on the place and year of production, as well as the performance of the vinyl player.

7. Christmas toys.
And let it not be the New Year, and not even Christmas, the Soviet Christmas decorations for collectors are still attractive. Especially those that were made before the Second World War. And toys on clothespins are appreciated, but not on loops.

Something found from the Soviet past? Consult an expert about the estimated price, and if everything suits you, sell the item.
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