Massive chandeliers from unexpected materials

29119 April, 18:19 / Source:
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What do you think of what these chandeliers are made of? You will not believe it, but the author used old things to translate his idea. But what ...

Looking at them, it seems that they were made a long time ago. But no. They were created recently. And the material for them was the old bikes. Of course, not whole, but their parts: chains and wheels.

The multi-faceted artist Carolina Fontoura Alzaga created the project “Connect” - a delightful series of chandeliers from bicycle parts.

As the author himself says, almost everyone can make such a chandelier. After all, its design is very simple, and the creation procedure is extremely fast.

“The aesthetics of the Victorian era inspired me in the developing volume and layers. Bicycle is a modern culture and to some extent art. I wanted to combine these two epochs and cultures into one and I did it! The name of the project "Connect", speaks for itself ...", - says Carolina Fontura Alzaga.
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