Mykola Kostomarov - a sign personality for the Ukrainian revival

Mykola Kostomarov - a sign personality for the Ukrainian revival

20 April 2019, 0:13
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In 1861-1862 in St. Petersburg, Kulish, together with Shevchenko and Kostomarov, published the journal Osnova, where texts in Ukrainian and Russian were published. A number of scientific-polemical and journalistic works of Kostomarov were placed in it.

In 1862, he interrupted his professorial career, leaving the university as a sign of support for Professor P.Pavlov, who was arrested for giving a public lecture in which he condemned the feudal system of the Russian Empire. Since then, Kostomarov did not succeed in restoring teaching activity in higher education, despite the fact that he was repeatedly offered departments at Kiev, Kazan and Kharkov universities.

Working only as a desk scientist, Kostomarov led an active social and educational activities, collaborated with many magazines (in particular, he participated in the development of such famous magazines as “European Herald” and “Kiev Antiquity”), published a lot.
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His work "The Last Years of the Commonwealth" (1869-1870) was awarded the prize of the Imperial St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. In 1876, he was elected a member of this Academy of Sciences, later - the South Slavic Academy and the Serbian Scientific Society; In 1884, Kostomarov became an honorary member of the Kiev University of St. Vladimir.

In 1873, Kostomarov visited Kiev, where he met with the former bride Alina Kragelskaya, who had been widowed a few years before. In early 1875, she moved to St. Petersburg to look after Nikolai Kostomarov, and in May they got married.

The last years of his life Kostomarov was very sick, but he did not leave the work, dictating to the wife his memories and articles. Nikolai Kostomarov died on April 19, 1885 and was buried at the Volkov Cemetery near the Literary Bridges.
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