Found in the barn and auctioned: the history of the encryption typewriter of the Second World War

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Researchers at the National Museum of Computing, located in the British county of Buckinghamshire, several years ago discovered a German cipher machine from the Second World War on the Internet portal for free ads eBay.

The description of the lot was mistakenly stated that this is a teletype. Enthusiasts from the museum found a "teletype" and were convinced that this is actually a cryptographic machine from the time of the Second World Company "Lorenz" - one of those used by the Wehrmacht for top-secret correspondence.

An Essex sales clerk said that he had found an unknown device among old things in his barn. The initial price of the lot was £ 9.5 (about $ 14). Museum staff bought it for £ 10, but were forced to state that the car was missing some parts. After the purchase, the enthusiasts still had to assemble it entirely and try to recreate the process of encryption and then decryption.

Lorenz was used during the Second World War to exchange personal messages between Adolf Hitler and the leaders of the Wehrmacht. Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Museum of Computer Technology, Andy Clarke, noted that, compared to its famous counterpart, the Enigma and Lorenz machines are larger in size and much more complex in design since it was intended for strategic communications.
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