Rust is back in fashion: Volkswagen Beetle Rat Look

31822 April, 18:30 / Source:
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In the early 2000s, interest in Volkswagen with original paint, rust and patina inspired a lot of fans of this car manufacturer. In particular, those who did not have the means to restore their cars, but still wanted to look their best.

But human fantasy is almost irrepressible. It was she who allowed the owners of old Volkswagen without investing huge money to stand out from the crowd. These people are just looking for and looking for such a car and let them grow old.

In essence, they do nothing to save paint and metal parts. "Giving them to be devoured" the sun, wind and water, cars simply grow old. And there are many connoisseurs of such rarities.

Cars with the original faded paint, rust and bloom in the world community of Volkswagen gradually became much more popular than the restored. It is believed that they are rare, untouched, survivors, able to really tell their story.
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