French scientists discovered an unusual medieval burial

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In the middle of last month, scientists discovered an unusual medieval burial site in the north-west of France in the Manche district under the Notre Dame Square.

“This is an amazing burial. It is probably the only one of this type in the northern part of the Kotenten Peninsula,” said Laurent Paese-Resende, a researcher at the National Institute of Archaeological Research.

The archaeologists discovered a gravestone with a height of 1.20 m and a width of 30 cm, on one side of which was a block, and on the opposite stele, deepened 80 cm. On the tombstone there was an inscription (epitaph) in Latin.

According to Laurent Paez-Rezende, at first this discovery gave scientists an idea of ​​the Merovingian sarcophagi.

Archaeologists note that under the stone tombstone was a layer of soil, 20 cm thick, below which the human skeleton was very well preserved.

According to researchers, the burial could belong to a woman. However, the exact answer will be known after laboratory research and interpretation of the epitaph. At the moment, this is the only burial in the cemetery that has been honored with a stone sarcophagus.

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