At the first show, they showed a film about the US war with Spain

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On April 23, 1896, the first American film show took place in New York - the film was shown, which lasted only a few minutes. A couple of years began the era of cinema.

As early as 1883, young Louis and Auguste Lumiera established production of gelatin photographic plates using bromide in Lyon. After creating the filming apparatus both are actively involved in the creation of the first films. Together with the Lumières, an engineer, Jules Carpentier, who designed the first projection apparatus for the demonstration of tapes, worked.
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The first public session was held in Paris on March 22, 1895, but the movie’s birthday was officially considered to be December 28 of the same year, when the first commercial screening of Lumiere films was held at the Grand Café on Boulevard des Capucines. Among them were the famous documentary tape “The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat Station”.

The first film show in America took place 4 months after the Lumiere brothers showed their film program in Paris. Edison, the inventor of a camera unit in the USA, organized his own film company in New York, and others began to emerge. Pictures for 2-3 minutes are chronicles. One of the first films that had plot elements was the film Down with the Spanish Flag! Dedicated to the US colonial war with Spain over Cuba.
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