Baroque at the entrance, or an unimaginable idea to decorate your house

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Perhaps every resident of an apartment building would like to see cleanliness and comfort in his house. But such a vision of his porch, at least unusual.

Floors, staircases, elevator, doors are decorated with frantic eclecticism of plaster bas-reliefs in the Baroque style, forged metal decorations, views of Venice in gilded frames, paintings based on Levitan, Monet and Semiradsky.

In Rostov-on-Don, in one of the sleeping districts, a seemingly inconspicuous 10-storey house stands. But this is only at first glance. The artist-designer Konstantin Nikolaev has lived there every year.

Having bought an apartment in this panel ten-story building in 2001, Konstantin Nikolaev noted with anguish that everything was sad at the entrance: green walls, gray cement floors. And the neighbors - "colorless eyes and the desire to slip into his apartment as soon as possible, because who wants to linger in this uncomfortable."

Then Konstantin, a graphic artist by profession and a graduate of the Rostov Art College named. Grekov, fired up a difficult mission: "Well, you can not continue to live like this, because people live in the world wrong, they live beautifully."

Konstantin was then 39 years old, and he decided to make his porch unusual, decorating all floors for his money with a focus on pre-revolutionary merchant houses in Rostov. To do this, the artist needed new skills - he learned how to lay tiles and install plaster stucco decoration.

And that's what came out of it.
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