In Pompeii, found a fresco depicting fast food places

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The image of the ancient Roman "Fast food" or fast food places - thermopoly, in which hot food with wine and spices was served more than 2,000 years ago, was found on a fresco in Pompeii.

The artifact was found during archaeological excavations on the territory of the fifth district in the ancient Roman city, the ruins of which are located within the modern commune of Pompeii in the Campania region, not far from Naples.

Dozens of other thermal fields were found throughout the archaeological park, which is still available to the public. In thermopolies, the poor city dwellers usually ate, who rarely had the means to cook in their home.

A typical menu included coarse bread with salted fish, baked cheese, lentils and wine. Thermopolies were placed in small rooms, overlooked the counter. Meals were heated using large vats embedded in the counter, which were heated on the fire. Visitors ate standing.
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