Watchboxes: why are they needed and what types exist?

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A wristwatch is a useful device for determining the time and a stylish accessory that is able to emphasize the style and status of its owner. But do not forget that such a thing should be stored in appropriate conditions: in a special box or box. This is especially important when they begin to appear second, third, fourth, ... wristwatches.

Watch boxing is like a car garage. It saves wristwatches from accidental drops, dust, sunlight. In some cases, podzavodit watches during storage, providing movement, as if they are on the hand of a person.

There are three types of watch boxes:

1. Boxing for normal storage.
The watches are placed in the box, where they are tightly fastened until they are needed. Both mechanical and quartz watches can be stored in them.

2. Storage box with winding.
The watches are placed in the box and automatically recharged due to a special mechanism. Only mechanical watches are stored in such boxes. It is not recommended to keep them at rest: in case of a long idle time, the lubricant inside the mechanism flows to one side, accumulates and granulates. This, when restarting the stroke, leads to serious loads on the parts and their rapid wear.

3. Casket for watches.
As a rule, this accessory for collectors is universal and designed for simultaneous storage from 6 to 20 watches. Sometimes caskets are complemented by retractable compartments for jewelry or paper.

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