Scenes from the future in miniature

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Since 2005, artists Lori Knicks and Kathleen Gerber have jointly produced detailed miniature dioramas in situations of natural or artificial chaos and destruction.

The designer tandem has created a series called “The City”, which presents the post-apocalyptic interiors of abandoned shops, shopping centers and natural history museums.

Empire in the set of miniature scenes serves as a companion to this series. Looking at this imaginary future from the outside, the viewer unwittingly witnesses the future destruction of totalitarian systems expressed in architecture.

The scenes of Nix and Gerber lead the viewer to ruined and rusty interiors, exploring environments recently deprived of civilization. Forests and bridges are crumbling, plants begin to seep through cement cracks and these are subtle hints that nature will sooner or later begin to rebuild its land.

“The empire is a world transformed by climate uncertainty and shifting social order when it stumbles upon a new kind of border. These places are eerily beautiful, but also disturbing in their overwhelming silence. Long ago, forced nature to follow his desire. Once thriving landscapes now seem offended and decaying, and it is unclear how they will evolve in the future,” the couple explained in a statement.
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