This house hasn’t been renovated for 50 years, but this is exactly what attracted buyers

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In the city of Framingham, Massachusetts, USA, a mansion was sold at auction, which was accidentally discovered by real estate agents. All would be nothing, if not for one circumstance: the repair in it was done last time 50 years ago.

Furniture and decor items in it also remained in its original form. The perfectly preserved decor has become the most important piece, given that retro-style comes into fashion again.

In this house, never even made cosmetic repairs, since the moment it was built in the early 70s of the last century. Wood panels and wallpaper on the walls, furniture, carpets and even curtains with bedspreads - everything remained in its original form.

Interestingly, the subsequent owners of this house also did not make repairs. They did not even dare to change the situation in any of the rooms, claiming that the interior was special and there was no reason to change it.

This two-story house, located near Boston, does not stand out among the country houses of the region. Like the others, it was made of brick, lined with siding and had a standard well-kept plot. It has 14 rooms, with a living area of ​​335 square meters. meters

But the most remarkable and extraordinary lies precisely behind its facade, because the design of the house has kept all the most fashionable trends of the 70s of the last century.
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