Mysterious coins from Glen Canyon, which brought historians to a standstill

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In Utah, mysterious Spanish coins were discovered on the territory of the Glen Canyon National Park. According to experts, these coins were in use in Spain long before Columbus sailed to America. How did they get there? This riddle is to be solved by historians.

One of the coins found, dated to the 1660s, the second - the beginning of the 1200s. They just lay at the bottom of the canyon. So says the man who discovered them and subsequently handed over to the park administration. Experts who examined the discovery confirmed that at the time when these coins were manufactured and in circulation, there were no Spaniards in North America.

“The coins were found by one of the visitors walking along the bottom of the canyon,” said archaeologist Glen Harmon, who works in the administration of the National Park. - He took them home, but when he realized that they were old coins, he returned them to the administration. Judging by the design, we are sure that one of the coins is an old Spanish coin worth 16 maravedi. According to experts, she minted in Madrid, judging by the stigma, in 1662 or 1663, during the reign of Philip IV. As for the second coin, it was released somewhere in the middle of the XIII century. None of the specialists understands where these coins could come from in the region where the first Spaniards appeared in 1776.”

At the moment, historians have only speculations. All confirm further research findings.
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