The Mint of Poland presented a coin in the form of a carnival mask

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A coin dedicated to the traditional symbol of the Venice Carnival, a carnival mask, was minted in Poland.

The Venice Carnival is an annual costume event held in Venice. The first mention of the Venice carnival is dated 1094 year. As for the carnival masks - XIII — XIV centuries. It is believed that from that time they became symbols of carnival.

Masks were made of leather and papier-mâché. At first, they were fairly simple in design and were used not to hide their faces, but to create distance and the opportunity to contact representatives from different classes.

The design of the souvenir coin repeats the mask worn by occasional carnival visitors.

The obverse features decorative patterns and engraved inscriptions: “2019” (year of issue), “500 FRANCS CFA” (face value of the coin), “REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN” (name of the issuing country). On the reverse of the coin in color are shown the stylized elements of the decoration of the Venetian mask - feathers, flowers, jewels.
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